Susanne Mariacher

Born 1988 in Salzburg,
lives and works in Vienna, Austria



2023             Venice Architecture Biennale - Austrian Pavilion
                     curator and designer,
                     commissioned by Federal Ministry of Austria,
                     as Member of AKT Collective, with Hermann Czech


2022             Ha’Dira Residency - Heritage and the Common Good
                     commissioned by Liebling House, Tel Aviv
                     social design / research project


2022             Wasser tragen (Carrying Water)
                     commissioned by Art in Public Space Vienna,
                     social design / research project,
                     invited by Marlene Hübner and Amelie Schlemmer


2021            AKT 5 – Einbruch
                    commissioned by Vienna Art Week,
                    spatial intervention, group exhibition,
                    as Member of AKT Collective


2021            AKT 4 – Gast
                    spatial intervention, Club Hybrid, Kulturhauptstadt 2020, Graz
                    with AKT Collective


2019            Wo ist das Kind?
                    group exhibition, video installation
                    Galerie Freihausgasse / Stadt Villach


2019            Bozar Artist in Architecture
                    group exhibition
                    Bozar Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels
                    with Helene Schauer


2019            Re-Activating Modern European Houses
                    Artists in Residence, Bucharest
                    performance, commissioned by  Bozar Center for Fine Arts, Brussels
                    with Helene Schauer


2018            Auf ‘ne Limo
                    urban intervention, commissioned by Vienna Design Week,
                    10 days urban intervention,
                    with Helene Schauer, Adrian Judt und Lene Benz


2015            EbenSee
                    performance, commissioned by Festival of Regions, Ebensee,
                    two weeks urban intervention,
                    with Helene Schauer




09/2021 -         Lecturer
08/2022           Design Studio: Sede Sociale Sant‘Elena
                        Bachelor‘s Program Architecture
                        University of Innsbruck


09/2021 -         Senior Artist
02/2022           Co-Course Responsible, Lecturer and Tutor,
                        focused on social design and tactical urbanism
                        Design Investigations / Industrial Design 2
                        University of Applied Arts Vienna


02/2019 -         Lecturer
                        Tutor and project supervisor in courses such as:

                        Design Studio: Imagining Architecture as a
                        Feminist Intersectional Cultural Practice
                        Master‘s Program of Architecture

                        Drawing and Visual Languages,
                        Bachelor‘s Program Architecture

                        Department for Art and Design
                        Vienna University of Technology




2019                Grant, International Summer Academy Salzburg, Sami Baloji & Lotte Arndt

2018                Project Support Grant, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

2017                Merit-based Grant, University of Applied Arts, Vienna